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In the mood for love?

Snuggle up on the sofa, Shed Heads, and find a new way to pair wine this Valentine's Day.

We love nothing more than curling up under a waffle blanket with our favourite person ~ or fur love ~ watching a movie and enjoying a delicious bottle of wine (or two).

So, read on to discover some ideas on how to impress your lover tonight!


A Wong Kar Wai classic cult film, it's a quixotic tale set in Hong Kong during the sixties. The enchanting and visually engrossing film involves two neighbours who discover their spouses are having an affair and contemplating a romance themselves. As a devotee of all Wong Kar Wai films, we believe this is one of the most elegant, and with depth and complexity, it is the perfect match for our Melting Pot Shiraz.


Another classic cult, The Graduate is the original rom-com drama. This unique, light and classic comedy pairs perfectly with our Lazy Arvo Grenache. The story of a young man [Dustin Hoffman] enthralled in a love affair with an older married woman, Mrs Robinson [Anne Bancroft].

And for those interested in movie trivia, Simon & Garfunkel’s classic song Mrs Robinson {listen here} was produced for this film after film director, Mike Nichols, had refused two other songs intended for the film!


French screenwriter and film director, Celine Sciamma, is renowned for her empathetic depiction of stolen moments in love, non-conforming coming-of-age films and delicate nudge to society of how queer love is both powerful and romantic.

A Portrait of a Lady on Fire is based in 1770, a historical romantic tale of a brief love affair between two women, the impact of deep-rooted desire and passion, and how its enduring effects can last a lifetime. Poetry in the form of film, it’s a mesmerising, cinematic sensory overload, and divinely pairs with our All Day Rosé.


A 90’s gem, you either love it or hate this film. It was loosely adapted from Charles Dicken’s 1891 classic novel of the same name. Visually stunning and intensely heart-wrenching, it was directed by Alfonso Cuarón [famous for Roma, Gravity, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Children of Men], and with impeccable cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki [The Revenant, Birdman, The Tree of Life], there is so much to love about this film.

We pair it with the fresh and zesty taste of Wild Bunch Riesling, which lingers on the lips just as Gwyneth’s inconsequential sensuality and use of the colour green lingers on the mind!


Regardless of your movie choice, be sure to enjoy with your favourite Tin Shed wine!


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