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Grab your Wild Bunch and enjoy Tin Shed’s 2022 Riesling

After a successful 2022 Vintage for Tin Shed Wines, we’re celebrating the release of our 2022 Riesling Wild Bunch. Made for drinking with – you guessed it – your wild bunch, this vintage is designed for sharing with good food, great friends, and fun times.

Our Riesling grapes are grown on a single vineyard owned by the Brown family in Eden Valley’s high country and are known as ‘old vine,’ meaning these vines are some of the oldest in the region.

There’s a reason Eden Valley Riesling has helped put the Barossa on the map. Eden Valley’s cool climate provides an ideal setting for growing Riesling–producing grapes with tight minerality and full-flavoured with hints of citrus.

The 2022 vintage was a blessing, giving us a long, slow, and cool ripening period, resulting in great natural acidity and well-balanced fruit on the vines. Our winemaker, Peter Clarke, describes the Wild Bunch as ‘hints of fragrant citrus and limes, tight minerality and slate with well-balanced acidity and jasmine.’ It sounds like our kind of wine!

With minimal intervention and loads of attention, the quality of the vineyard speaks for itself in this wine.

Enjoy it fresh, or tuck it away for years to come. Whatever you do, share it with your wild bunch. For only $27 a bottle, this Riesling appeals to everyday and everyone. Small batch and vegan-friendly, stock up now before it’s all gone.


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